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Cataclysm Spoilers. Well, not in this post.

So in the event that you’ve been living under a rock, or up in a dirigible (no, that one won’t work, Cory Doctorow still has web access up in the blogosphere)  you will by now know that MMO-Champion has release an massive amount of spoiler data from the Cataclysm F&F Alpha.

Now, since I’m not much of a number cruncher, and am really pretty lazy, I doubt that I’ll post much, if anything about the cata alpha/beta.  However, since Jaedia and Anexxia asked so nicely, I’ll make sure to have the post title obviously show that there are spoilers in it.  I’m not avoiding spoilers, but I know that some people prefer to do that so the game is more fresh/fun/interesting/waffle when it’s released and they go to play.  So out of respect of those, I’ll make it obvious that you should avoid the post.