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Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

But a warlock and a paladin walk into a bar…

Windsoar over at Jaded Alt is celebrating her 6 month blogaversary.  And being the nice person she is, she decided to give those that want it a blog idea.  Since I rarely have ideas of my own, I try not to pass up when someone else if offering one.  Here is what she gave me

/cast Muse

I’m so popular with the warlocks today! Well, let’s see…

If your warlock and paladin met in a bar, how would the conversation go?

If Deyndor and Ollyn met in a bar?  I have a feeling that the bar would be in dire need of repair by the time they were finished.  I don’t RP, but like many WoW players my toons take on their own personalities the more I play them.

Ollyn is a pretty laid back guy.  He’s content to just sit around and relax when he isn’t starting people on fire.  However, if he feels that you’ve wronged him in some way, he’ll be focused on you until you wish you hadn’t met him.  A lot of that comes from when I used to PvP on him.  In battlegrounds, the first person to kill me is who I would focus on for the rest of the match.  Once I rezzed, I was coming back with a vengeance.  It has occasionally turned out poorly for me (oh who am I kidding, it’s almost always turned out poorly for me).  Like when I was first PvPing and chased someone across WSG just to get revenge on them.  Oh sure, I died when I was ganged up on by 4 Horde, but I killed that rogue first.

Deyndor is similar in having a short fuse, but his is focused at anything that goes against the light.  Like, oh I don’t know, Warlocks.  And the fact that they’re of different factions would just make it that much easier.  And when he focuses on killing something, he doesn’t stop until its good and dead.

So really, I would imagine that a brawl would break out the moment that Deyndor saw Ollyn (yes, Deyndor would start it).  I’m not really sure who would win, assuming they we’re of equal level.  But in any case, the bar might not be there by the end of the night.

That or Ollyn would give Deyndor fashion tips while Deyndor braided Ollyn’s glorious hair.