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Generic UI Post

Well. It sure has been a while since I’ve made a post. I should really work on that. Anyway, while on Twitter last night weekend I asked what I should make a post about since I had no ideas, and Anea saved the day by telling me I should post about my UI.  So, lets take a look at it.

Kind of boring isn’t it?  As you can see I use the default UI with a few addons.  I guess I’ll just start at the top and work my way down.


For those that don’t know about SexyMap, I suggest you go get it.  It looks awesome, and it takes away the clutter that can easily accumulate if you have multiple addons that leave a minimap button taking away viewable space from the map itself.

Raid Frames

For raid frames, I use Grid and GridManaBars.  I find that the default UI ones are just too to bulky and ugly, so this gives me more open screen space (in raids I hide the party portraits).  And grid is highly configurable, so you can set it up to show a variety of different statuses in that square.

Threat Meter

For a threat meter I use Omen.  It lets me know when I’m just being too awesome at DPS and need to soulshatter so I don’t get my face crushed in.

Damage Meter

My damage meter of choice is Recount.  While it has some practical use (i.e. making sure that you’re doing the best job you can as DPS), its turned, at least on my server, into more of an epeen scale.

Warlock Related Addons

There are a couple that I have on there that are warlock related (one of which can be used by others, and I would recommend it).  First, we have Necrosis.

What necrosis does it gives the warlock access to all his spells in one central, easy to use area.  Thanks to necrosis I was able to eliminate one of my action bars to free up space.

The central circle of mine shows the count of soul shards currently in my bag.  This can be configured to show something else, but I find having it up there beneath me is better than having to look at my bag bar to see how many are in my shard bag.

Going around the sphere from the bottom left, we have the Firestone button.  If you don’t have a firestone in your bag, it will make one, if you do it will apply it to your weapon.  Next we have the Spellstone button.  Same as the firestone one, but for a spellstone instead.

After that we have the Healthstone/Soulwell button.  This button, when clicked will generate a Healthstone for you, if you don’t have one.  If you do it will use said healthstone.  However, if you shift+click it, it will cast Ritual of Souls, so you can share with all your friends.

Above that is the Soulstone button.  Again, if you don’t have a Soulstone already it will create one, otherwise it will cast the one in your bag onto your target.

Next is the spell menu.  Here is a quick list of what you can find there:

Next up is the mount button.  Left click for Dreadsteed, right click for Felsteed.  It can also be setup to use mounts that you specify.

Following that is the Demon menu.  I’m not going to list out all of them, but that is where all of your summons for them will be.  It also holds Enslave Demon.

And finally we have the curse menu. Time for another list!

I’d like to add that, if you’re demonology and specced into Metamorphosis, you would also have a button for that around the sphere.

Okay, and following Necrosis, the other warlocky addon I wanted to mention is ForteXorcist.  This is a suite of functions useful for warlocks.  It has functions for all your stones, spell timers, shards, etc.  The only thing that I really use it for is for whats on the screen:

This is the soulstone tracker that it has.  What it currently is showing is that I have a soulstone on Faúx that will last for another 4 minutes, and that my CD is up and could create another one.  The reason that I would recommend this for classes other than warlocks, is that it also keeps track of a paladin’s Divine Intervention, a druid’s Rebirth, and a shaman’s Reincarnation.  This addon is extremely useful if for nothing other than this part of it. A raid leader with this would be able to see exactly how many of these raid saving abilities are up and ready for use.


Alright, there are a few others that I’d like to mention.  Floating around me giving me feedback on healing a damage, as well as cool downs, is Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text.  It gives me nice feedback on whats happening to me without me having to take my eyes off the area around me to go look at the combat log.

For my chat frame, I’m using Prat.  I like being able to copy and paste things out of the chat window, and this gives me that.  Otherwise I don’t really need a chat frame mod.

You can’t see it here, but I’m also using DBM for a boss mod.  And if you look at the immolate debuff on my target (first dot up there) it has a red “1” on it.  To get that I’m using OmniCC.  That will list the cool downs of all abilities, as well as putting a timer up on my dots and or buffs on targets.  Just something useful to have for keeping track of dots and cool downs.  I do have DoTimer to help keep track of dots also.

And I think that is all the really important stuff. I have various other small mods I use, but those are the big ones.  Hopefully this was informative, although I feel I started to ramble, which I have a habit of doing…like now.  And since I’ve started that, I’m just going to end this now. Enjoy my boring UI.