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What do you do when your raid is canceled?

Well, since I suggested this BA Shared Topic, I should probably participate shouldn’t I?  If you’re looking for more responses, they can be found here.

So I was talking with Eda on twitter tonight and she mentioned that she’s had 4 raids in the last 2 weeks get canceled. And that got me wondering, what do people do when their raid is canceled?

I’m sure there will be the mundane like farming stuff or running heroics, but I’m sure there are a lot of people with some really interesting and fun things too. Maybe you invade an enemy capital by yourself. Maybe you go play an alt. Whatever it is, share it!

Now, I don’t raid anymore, but when I did, it was always a bummer to have the raid get canceled.  I mean, you set aside time to go do something, and then you’re left with nothing to do right?  Wrong!

Whenever my raids got canceled, if I didn’t go to that fictional place called the outside world, I mostly leveled alts.  However, I’m not the type to make an alt, and stick with it for a long time.  In the time I was raiding, I had no less than 8 alts.  On my main server that is…

Of course I had Deyndor that I would level.  Or Ollyn, my DK on the same server as Deyndor.  But then I also had my other pally Kanori.  And of course another DK on my main server.  And a rogue.  A hunter.  A priest, a couple druids.  Throw in a dash of shaman and you’ve got an idea of everything that I try and do.

And of course, even though its sporadic, it’s caused me to level up a decent number of toons.  For ones (currently, although only the shaman was added to this list after I stopped raiding) above 60, I have two DKs (79 and 69), two pallies (71 and 70), and a shaman (65).

So yeah, kind of boring, but I level alts, or run heroics.  Or at least, I did.  Now I don’t even really run heroics, just the leveling.  But it’s been a blast, so I’m fine with it.

Anyway, what do you, lovable readers, do when your raid is canceled?


Reasons to Raid

While driving home from work tonight, singing along to what was playing on the radio (yes, I’m that guy), I started to think about my not raiding.  More specifically, why I’m not raiding.

There are many reasons really.  At first it was simple burn out.  I wasn’t in a hardcore guild or anything, but I was raiding something like 16 hours a week.  Wow, that actually seems like a lot when I write it down.  Anyway, I was getting sick of all my WoW time being spent raiding.  I would get home from work, eat dinner, log in and be raiding 15 minutes later.  No time for dailies, minimal time to make sure I’m stocked on shards, flasks, and buff foods.  Then once the raid was called for the night, I’d go to bed.  Essentially it had turned into a second job, and I was annoyed with that.

Since then I’ve found guilds that were looking for warlocks that had raid times that worked out better for me, but I still didn’t go back to raiding.  The burnout had faded, but I still didn’t want to raid.  Not until recently have I started feeling the bite of the raiding bug again.

I stopped raiding a month or two after ToC was released, and I think that it might be the reason I didn’t go back.  Partly because I hate that raid.  I have cleared it on 25 man, but found it really boring.  A lot of people might not get this, but I love having trash on the way to bosses.  Sure, my DPS is crap on trash, but it gives a nice break where you can unwind between boss fights.  In ToC you don’t really have that chance.

The other main reason I think ToC killed my desire to raid for a while, was that it didn’t seem to fit with my picture of Ollyn.  One of my favorite parts of raiding, and call me a dork for this if you will, since I am, is that I picture Ollyn helping the people of Azeroth by going into Naxx and killing KT, or into Ulduar to take down an old god.

But with ToC, what would I be doing?  Proving my worth to Tirion Fordring?  Why should I?  Haven’t I already proven my skill with the past threats to Azeroth that I’ve overcome?  How does defeating the faction champions of the Horde prepare me to take down Arthas?  What does killing some snowbolds have to do with destroying the Scourge?

And thus, I realized that somewhere inside me, I had set up a minimal amount of RP for Ollyn.  Now I like to hold to my delusions that I’m a fairly competent writer, but I could not RP.  When I’m writing a story, it take me forever to think up dialog that doesn’t sound terrible.  I could come up with a back story for Ollyn without too much trouble I think, but having to interact with others in character?  Forget it!

But with the release of Icecrown, once again I can see him rushing in to help take down the current threat to the world.  So I think maybe its time for me to get back into raiding.  So why, dear readers, do you raid?

Look out Arthas, I’m coming for you…

Its been a while

So I haven’t made a blog post in a while.  Part of that is real life (I’m in the process of buying a house, so that is actually taking up some of my time) and part of it is that I feel I have nothing valuable to write.

Then I realized that this is my blog and I can ramble on and on about pointless topics if I wish (and I will dear reader, fear not).

So I’ve kind of slowed down on leveling my DK.  I got him to 77 and bought cold weather flying, and then stopped playing him.  My second pally hit 65 and I stopped playing her, and the shaman got up to 26 or so and then I stopped playing her as well.

I’ve been logging in to the game, but feeling bored with it.  And then today I got an idea based on a post that was over a year old on the Stormrage official forums, I’d like to try doing level 60 and 70 raids at level.

I found the recruitment post for a guild on Stormrage that used to do this, but apparently stopped doing it.  I never did any level 60 raids at level, and one a few level 70’s before wrath hit.  In any case, I thought that would be a fun thing to do.  If anyone has any info on any guilds doing that, leave a comment, I’d like to give it a try.

It would also seem that my shaman was only the beginning.  I’m now wanting to roll a restro druid to try my hand at healing with one of those.  The problem is, I’ll start leveling one, get it to the mid twenties at most, then stop playing, leaving me with yet another alt that I don’t want to delete, yet don’t feel like playing.

Maybe I’m finally starting to get my fill of this game, but that isn’t what this really feels like.  I think its more that I’m bored not raiding on Ollyn, but I also know that if I level up something else, most likely won’t end out raiding or really doing much on that toon either.  Perhaps if I could find some purpose to level something, I wouldn’t feel so apathetic.

So I imagine that at some point today, I’ll roll a druid with the intention of going resto.  And then barely playing it by next weekend.  I seriously considered transferring Ollyn to Azgalor and applying to Amber’s guild as a way to get back into raiding (and to not be the only one online in the guild, it gets lonely), but I’d feel too much like I was abandoning the 3 people that I transferred to Stormrage with.

So that is what has been going on with me lately.  Not a whole lot in game, and not entirely sure where I should go from here.  I think if I could find a goal and actually see a purpose for leveling another alt, I would feel more engaged again.

So to bring my rambling to an end, what do you all think I should do?  Get back into current raid content? Try out the old content that I missed? Or just bounce from alt to alt over various servers doing something different each night (which I actually kind of hate since I feel like I don’t make any real progress on anything that way)?


Even if some might not view it as much, my locks guild has downed Lord Jaraxxus in ToC 10.  The reasons this is big for me is that as of late, our guild started hemorrhaging raiders, and now we’re finally getting a decent 10 man squad.  We haven’t made it past the keepers in Ulduar 10 (we’ve downed 2 though), so getting another boss down felt good.  And I must say, this has got to be my favorite fight in game currently.

AF Downs Lord Jaraxxus!

AF Downs Lord Jaraxxus!

ToC 10 Man Letter

Dear Dreadscale Tank,

When your DPS, specifically me, the warlock throwing fiery death at the worms, gets the toxin debuff from Acidmaw and you have burning bile, please don’t run away from me as I run ever more slowly toward you.  I like being alive and hurling flames.


The Warlock who spent the rest of the fight watching from the floor.