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Healer LFG RFC

I would like to preface this post by saying that I’m most likely overreacting because I had a stressful day at work.  I’m guessing if I had a better day this wouldn’t have bothered me as much, if at all.

So if you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve heard me say in the last couple days that I’ve rolled a shaman.  Little Ixtli hit 15 last night and went into her first instance last night, RFC.

I’ve never tried healing before, and I’ve always thought that shaman healer looked fun.  So I’m going element so I can still DPS and level solo easily, but can still heal at low levels.  At 40 I plan on dual speccing elemental/resto.

So I did a few RFC runs last night, and had a lot of fun doing it.  Sure, I only have the one heal (well, two since I’m a spacegoat), but there was just something about deciding if someone lives that I found exhilarating.  Maybe its just the warlock in me.

Anyway, the runs went great and I had a fun time healing.  The first time I ran into a bad group though was my first run tonight.  Since I’m still at 16 I got RFC again.  The main part that marked it as a bad group for me wasn’t the tank running off and pulling while I was drinking, and that did happen a lot, it was the warlock.

Now, finally after all these years, do I understand why so many healers hate warlocks.  This guy would Life Tap down to almost dead, then run ahead of the tank and pull.  Luckily our warrior tank was nice enough (at least more than I would have been) to pull the mobs off him before he died.  There were even a few times that he was standing next to me while I was drinking, and life tap down, but instead of eating to get his health back he’d just run off, more likely than not expecting me to heal him.

Now, I play with two people who heal as a main spec, a holy pally and a resto druid. I also used to play with a disc priest, but he quit WoW.  And they’ve frequently told me how much they hate grouping with warlocks who aren’t me (I’m assuming its either because I know how to work life tap into my rotation properly so it’s beneficial for everyone, or they just like humoring me) because they don’t know how to life tap properly.  Granted, you can’t really work it into a rotation at this low of a level, but some thought, and a glance at your healers mana pool, would be nice.

They’ve told me stories about locks exactly like the one I was grouped with tonight, but I’d never seen that before so I was skeptical of the prevalence of them in WoW.  I’ve grouped with quite a few other warlocks, but none that actually did that.

Maybe it’s the fact that its low level, so they feel they can get away with it, maybe they didn’t know any better.  All I know is that I found it annoying and am gaining sympathy for healers.

Let it be known that Ixtli of Stormrage will not even try to heal stupid…most of the time.