Well Hey There

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated.  Unlike usual it’s actually because I’ve been somewhat busy lately.

Just as an update, I found a raiding guild for my warlock, however after a couple nights running with them I remembered that I don’t really care for raiding on my warlock anymore, and have stopped raiding on him.  They’re a good group of folks though so I think I’m going to stick with them.

Another thing is that I think I may be switching mains come cataclysm from my Warlock, to my Shaman.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and shaman healing is just too much fun.  But before I do that, I want to try some actual raid healing on her.  However, I’m really sick of wrath raids, but never did anything beyond a few T4 runs in BC.  And since she already has her exp shut off at 70, I figured why not?  I’ve found a guild that does BC raids at level that I’m going to app to.

And last night I bought a new monitor, with a higher resolution than I used to have, so I think tomorrow I’m going to redo my UI and try for a completely custom one.  So once I get that finished you can expect a post about it.


One response to “Well Hey There

  1. *shock* a post?! Nah.. you’re pulling our legs right? 😉

    The BC raiding guild sounds cool though! Always wanted to try that out for a change from current stuff but I get too level happy :p

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