Warlock Cataclysm Changes

So tomorrow Blizzard is going to talk about warlock changes that are coming in Cataclysm.

Kriz from Frost is the New Black has info about the new warlock tanking tree.

And I say that Affliction will be our healing tree.  All your DoTs will heal lowest health party members for a percentage of the damage they do.  Just you wait, this will happen.   >.>


4 responses to “Warlock Cataclysm Changes

  1. I’m personally looking forward to the dps my new [Flail] attack will do…
    /waves branches menacingly

  2. Haha! I saw a thread earlier about Demonology becoming a tanking tree and Meta being a perma form, and locks could become a hybrid tanking class. So much badassery, I could see something like that though probably in my dreams.

    Someone brought out that if they do something like that, we would get the hybrid dps “tax” 😦

    • I would love meta being permenant and for tanking, but your right, we’d get hit with the hybrid tax. And that would suck.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if we started heading in that direction though.

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