Enter the Melee Warlock

In which Deyndor gives sage like advice.

Welcome to the first of what I’m hoping will be many guides on how to be the best damn warlock you can be!

Now, some of you may be wondering what I’m talking about. What I’m going to tell you know is how to create the most overpowered build in all of WoW. The Melee Warlock.

But before I do, I wan’t to bring you back to the discovery of the melee warlock. Back to a simpler time. When the men were men and the women were too. I’m talking, of course, about the arena tournament of 2009. Gather ye round and I’ll tell you a tale…

I first entered the tournament with two friends of mine, who wanted to participate so they could receive the pet. I thought it sounded like fun, and having grown up (read leveled) on a PvP server, I thought it would be a good chance to flex my warlocky pvp muscles.

At first I specced into Demonology for the survivability, but we weren’t doing to so good. Obviously it couldn’t be me. I’m a warlock PvP God. It must be my teammates and their sub-par builds. So I got to looking at our group. It was myself, the amazing warlock, a resto druid, and a frost DK.

The resto druid was doing a fine job, so that points to the DK being the problem. And looking over her gear, oh boy did we have a problem. Gemming and enchanting for strength, stamina, and resilience? Obviously she was in dire need of my expertise. (I’d also like to point out that I am an expert on Death Knights.)

“The first thing you need to do,” I told her in most knowledgeable voice, “is to start stacking int and spell power.” I mean, her attacks show up in her spell book. Right? So they must benefit from spell power. Once we got her straightened out, I decided to experiment a bit with my own setup.

And thus the most OP arena comp ever devised was…..devised. I speak of course of the Spell Power DK, the Stamina resto Druid, and the Melee Warlock.

The Melee Warlock is a thing of beauty. What you want to focus on for this is agility and dodge. At that time, the highest level of gear we were given was Naxx gear and its PvP equivalent.

I think Blizz has known all along that the Melee Warlock is extremely OP, hence why you see no high level cloth gear with agility on it. This makes gearing hard, but not impossible.

I believe that with the gear/gems/enchants we were allowed I got my dodge up to around 28%. This is huge since you want as much dodge as you can get. Hard to kill me if you can’t hit me!

So for gear and what not, you’ll want anything that will boost your dodge. In terms of a spec, I’d go deep demo for Metamorphosis. Your opponents will run away screaming when they see a big purple demon running after them.

For the most part spells are irrelevant, so you’ll want a high DPS feral druid staff. Keep up your immolation aura when in demon form, and keep smacking away. And I guarantee, you will win at least 90% of your matches.

We were undefeated until our first loss after switching to this setup. Not many teams can say that.

I’ve spent a year now debating if I should let the world know about the glory of the melee warlock, and I think it’s finally ready. Enjoy.


2 responses to “Enter the Melee Warlock

  1. Mock not. I was in a PUG with a petless melee hunter yesterday. He’d wipe that smile off your warlocky face!

    • Oh I’m not mocking. The majority of that story is actually true. I was/am the melee warlock (it’s my guild note too).

      I’ve actually been building a melee set from not wanted raid drops too >.>

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