Proving the rule wrong

In which Deyndor whore’s himself out for blog hits.

This is going to prove Pike‘s blogging rule wrong.

She said:

@Angelya_au It’s a rule of blogging: the amount of time you spend on a post is inversely proportional to the # of comments you will receive

This took around a minute to write and I’m guessing it will get no comments.  Or it will get comments because I linked it on twitter.  We’ll see.

And yes, this is because I could think of nothing else to post and noticed that I hadn’t posted since early this month.  Besides, I like to think I’m somewhat of an attention whore. 😛


14 responses to “Proving the rule wrong


  2. FRIST POST!!!!!

    Ahem, rule proven in part 🙂

  3. Why hallo there!


  4. Isn’t that new Starcratf-2 Beta amazing? I can’t pull myself away from it.

  5. Orly? You can haz comment!

  6. HI! I can haz hugs for contributing to your blog whoring? ❤

  7. Hey, isn’t this nice post entertaining? I just had to comment, I love ur blog.

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