Single Abstract Noun

In which Deyndor joins a guild of…bloggers?

I probably should have made this post last night, but I was tired and didn’t have the energy.  This is actually being written while I’m at work, so the quality of my writing is probably lacking more than usual.  *looks over shoulder for boss*

So yesterday I got home from work and did what I always do, I logged into Twitter (I seem to have become addicted to it).  And notice Miss Medicina talking about a “bloggie guild” as she put it.  I was slightly confused, so I asked her what she was talking about.  Apparently between when I left work and when I got home my google reader finally updated with Tamarind‘s newest post, talking about starting up a guild for bloggers.

However, since he’s in the EU, some of us across the pond can’t join him.  So Miss Medicina started up a US/Oceanic branch!  So come one, come all to beautiful Argent Dawn-US!  Create an alt Alliance side (if you’re US/Oceanic, Horde side for EU) and come join in the fun.

At one point our awesomeness (although Miss Medicina claims it’s because she took off her robe) actually caused the server to crash.  If that doesn’t show how much we rock and that you should join us, I don’t know what does.

This isn’t just for bloggers, this is for people that read blogs too.  If you want to be part of our ever growing community, then create the alt, and if you’re on Argent Dawn-US, just /join singleabstractnoun, and ask any one in the channel for a guild invite, they should all be able to do that.

I look forward to interacting with all of you lovely folks, so stop on by and stay for a while.

P.S. Oh yeah, I rolled a dwarf too.  I feel so short…  But my glorious beard is sexy, see:

Look at that sexy beard


4 responses to “Single Abstract Noun

  1. Haha, I’m a belf, AGAIN! Do wish we were Alliance on the EU side but it’s all fun 😀

    • I’m glad we’re Alliance, because if we were Horde I’d just make another belf. 😛 I figure I give MM enough crap about being a dorf, that I could try one. And I have been wanting to get back to trying a hunter.

      And what happened to the cow? Sick of shaman already?

      • Lol I don’t know. I was all “Yeah! I’m a shaman and it’s not so bad!” Next day… *logs into priest* doh!

        Though I’m enjoying the rogue I made now, she’s almost 30 😀

  2. youyankityoutankit

    Howdy new guildie! I actually rolled the same class/race as my main, but I’ll be going a different spec for the fun of it 😀

    This is definitely an awesome idea!

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