Almost There

This is just a quick post that I meant to do on Sunday night, but forgot with all the fun of the secret admirer project.*

Two things quickly:

Firstly, is there anyone more unlucky than me?  I thought I was the only one that didn’t have the drake at this point.  Apparently the pug healer didn’t either.

And secondly:

Deyndor finally hit 70.  Only 10 more levels to go.  😀

*Once again, thanks to Dristanel! It made for an amazingly fun weekend.  I also love that she used my letter to Khi as the image for the post.


6 responses to “Almost There

  1. Grats on 70 😀 Now comes the long grind 😉

  2. Grats on 70!

    Better luck next time with the drake… surely you’ll be the only one then 😉

    • Thanks!

      And that’s what I thought the last time. It’s become commonly believed among my friends that I’ll never get that, or any other mount I want since I won the Horseman’s mount during Hallows End.

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