Another Giant Blogger Thing

It’s that time of  year again it would seem!  Dristanel over at The Physician’s Log is setting up a fun little event for WoW bloggers to participate in.  It’s the WoW Blogger Secret Admirer Project!

The point of this is to get to know some bloggers that you may not have heard of, as well as getting people to know who you are.  And to build an even more tight-knit community, and who doesn’t want that?

Since I’m really not that great at summarizing either, here it is in her own words:

Each participating blogger would put up a post on their own blog regarding the event and linking to the other bloggers. The purpose of this is two-fold – exposure for the community, and something the secret admirer can respond to. Said admirer would do so under an anonymous handle, adding poetry or other comments, giving one subtle hint about their identity in each, for a total of three comments. The admired could then contact the event coordinator with a guess as to who their admirer is. At the end of the event, folks can make a new post with a final ‘open declaration of blog love’ for their assigned person, and of course links to the other posts if you so desire.

Sounds like fun, no?

If you want to participate, you need to sign up by end of day Thursday, February 11th (zomg that’s tomorrow!).  To sign up, simply leave a comment here, here or tell her on Twitter.


6 responses to “Another Giant Blogger Thing

  1. Dearest Deydor,

    How is my favorite warlock? Just stopping by to let you know that you rock and that I wish you a happy Valentines Day, in a completely healthy and non creepy way ❤

    Your secret admirer who adores you.

  2. Dearest Deyndor,

    Here’s a little song, adapted just for you. If you want to hear/read the original, you can get it here:

    Oh, I remember
    when we first met. (Oh)
    The way you summoned (yeah)
    I can’t forget
    I /wink at you
    And you /wink back
    It felt just like a heart attack
    It happened time and time again
    I couldn’t wait to see you again
    Your glowing eyes
    Your blood elf hair
    And this is what I said
    I didn’t even care Oh

    I know your name
    Follow your twitter
    I’ll play your game
    And now I wonder
    If you want me
    Like I want you
    I got your name
    And follow your Twitter

    Now I don’t know
    Quite what to do
    Cause all I think of
    Is whisp’ring you
    But do you feel
    the same way too?
    Cause I know I
    wanna summon you
    Don’t get too twisted
    I’m no warlock
    Still want to know
    If you’ll SS me or not
    I know the name
    Of your voidwalker
    And if you summon baby
    I’ll be right over

    I know your name
    Follow your Twitter
    I’ll play your game
    And now I wonder
    If you want me
    Like I want you
    I got your name
    And follow your twitter
    All I want to do
    Is see you again
    All I want to do
    Is see you again

    Your ever loyal secret admirer.

  3. That song adaptation was awesome 😀

  4. Mon cher Deyndor,

    This weekend is already almost over… I hope you enjoyed as much as I did. I’ll leave you with a few words revealing my identity, but unless you know me well enough, you’ll have to work a bit to understand them.

    Voilà que cette belle fin de semaine tire à sa fin! J’espère tu t’es amusé autant que moi. Ce fut un merveilleux plaisir d’être ton admiratrice et de t’écrire des petits mots! Si seulement j’avais eu plus de temps! Mon cher, je retourne vers ma cuillère géante et reprends mon role de guerrière de la lumiere. Mais ne t’inquiète pas mon beau sorcier, tu demeureras toujours dans mon coeur.

    Bisoux de ton admiratrice secrète.

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