Looking back on Wrath

Its time for an update!  And even better than a shoddily written post on a topic thought up by me, you get a shoddily written post by me on a topic thought up by someone else!  This is a Blog Azeroth shared topic thought up by Jaedia.  For other responses please look here.

Ah Wrath.  I actually find if hard to believe that its been over a year already.  Although, I find it easy to believe at the same time.  My start to wrath was a bit rocky, as a friend of mine decided that he was tired of the game and stopped playing.  By that time his girlfriend had stopped playing for similar reasons, and they were the only two that I really played with.

Back then, I was playing on Frostmane still on my warlock Ollin (now Ollyn because some god damned idiot under level 10 stole the name on my new server).  Deyndor was nothing but a twinkle in my eye at that time.  Now, the guild I was in, I knew no one in, and had only been in as a friend of my previously mentioned friends.  But, I was told that if I leveled up fast enough, I could probably start raiding with them, and I’d most likely make friends with them along the way.

Well, that’s not quite what happened.  Just a couple months before Wrath was released, I had gotten Ollin to 70.  So I had been focusing on him and leveling him exclusively.  I was getting burned out on my class.  So after getting him to 75 in about a month, I was sick of him.  And thus started my terrible condition of altitis (yes it is a word, shut up wordpress).

Since I was sick of warlocks, and had no friends on Frostmane, I created a mage on Elune to play with a friend over there.  After getting the mage to something like 23 (I’m too lazy to actually go check), she was getting sick of leveling her paladin.  So we found out that another friend was playing on Eldre’Thalas, and that she was wanting to level some horde toons with us.  All of us were alliance and had never played horde past level 10 or so before.  And thus, on a snowy December night, Deyndor was born.  Fun fact, this is actually the second Deyndor.  The first was another belf pally I made on Thunderlord to play with some online friends, but I think I deleted him.

So from December through June I played Deyndor exclusively. In June I transferred (and renamed as per the reason stated above) Ollin to Borean Tundra, where he became Ollyn.  I finished leveling him to 80 and started raiding. Until I got burned out again in September and went back to playing paladins, and now a DK.  Warlocks are fun for me again though, so I’m sure I’ll start playing him for more than just my daily random dungeon.

Anyway, that’s more back story that I haven’t really mentioned before, and I figured now was as good of a time as any.  So really the first half of wrath I spent going back through old content on an old class, but a new faction.

But, I did pre-order the collectors edition of wrath, and since I worked the day I came out, I didn’t do a midnight release or anything.  I just grabbed it on my way home from work and spent that first night installing and exploring.  I remember getting off the boat in Borean Tundra and thinking how big everything was.

I thought it was awesome how they threw you into a fight against the Scourge right away, as they were already attacking Valiance Keep.  The zones were beautiful, the music was (and still is) amazing.  Looking back, once I started playing with friends again, the game became immensely more fun (duh, it is an MMO).  I have to say, Wrath has been great fun to me.  While I originally liked BC better (I think I’m the only person I know who did), I’m starting to like wrath more, if not as much.


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