An update of sorts

A new year and I’ve yet to post.  That sounds about right.

Anyway, I plan on doing a more in depth post soon, I just figured I’d give a little update since I haven’t made a post for a couple weeks.  So recently, my Horde DK finally hit 72 (is almost 73) and doing randoms every day so I can get some fancy T9 gear when I hit 80.  I find that I get in and out of playing DKs in fairly regular cycles, so I should have a couple weeks here where I find it insanely fun, and I’m hoping I’ll get him to 80 in that time.

The person I’m leveling Deyndor with decided she wants to play Horde side again, so tonight he hit 68, and went off the Howling Fjord for some sweet sweet Northrend quests.

And if you haven’t been able to tell, I love alts.  And since I wasn’t leveling Deyndor, I started another pally. This is Kanori.  She’s 64 right now, almost 65.  I’ll probably get her to 80 soon too.

Anyway, that’s it for the update.  I’ve been having fun leveling, so bully for me!


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