Halls of Reflection Question

I have a quick question before I make a real post tomorrow.  I was running heroic HoR with some friends last night, and ran into some trouble with the first gauntlet.  Myself and the ret pally I was running with kept pulling off the tank right away when a wave would show up.  And I’m not sure it was our fault.  None of us (aside from the tank) would do anything for the first few seconds to make sure the tank had aggro, we all made sure we didn’t have thorns on, the pally switched off from ret aura in case that was causing the issue, and made sure that righteous fury wasn’t up.

But no matter what, the first cast/hit/heal any of us would do, the mobs would run straight to us because we pulled off the tank.  We’ve never had this issue before and I’m certain its not the tank (she knows her shit), so I’m at a loss as to what it could be.  It eventually got annoying enough that we just called it for the night.

So, has anyone else had or heard of this happening in the new instances?  Could it be a bug where the aggro table is randomly resetting?


2 responses to “Halls of Reflection Question

  1. Not sure I’ve heard of a bug, but if you can try using CC if it’s a huuge issue, might help :<

  2. I’m not sure if you figured this issue out yet but I believe they attempt to play like pvp characters and cannot be tanked.

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