The Forge of Souls

So tonight, since 3.3 dropped, myself and a couple of friends decided to try the random LFG for Forge of Souls.  Together the three of us were a prot warrior, a resto druid, and myself, the destro lock.

So we use the tool, get a group, everything is aces!  Then, in the middle of a fight, our group gets disbanded and we’re all ported out.  We think that maybe the group leader was trying to pass lead to the tank and just hit the wrong thing.

No biggie, so we get back in the queue.  And that is when we start getting some weird things with the new LFG.  Namely, it keeps asking us what our rolls will be, but never queuing us.  So we all drop group and reform.  After about 10 minutes we finally get it to work and head back in with a new group.

This time, we make it through, downing Bronjahm without much trouble, and then going through the trash to fight the Devourer of Souls.  Oh, and whoever decided that all this trash needs spell reflect shield can DIAF.  Seriously.

So we take down Devourer like its a level 1 critter and up comes Jaina and our fancy new loots.  And what should drop but the Mord’rethar Robes.  Now, its not huge, but it does appear to be an upgrade over my T8 chest, so I roll for it.  All the sudden, our group gets disbanded again.  So I click what I need to for the robes, and run to fugly new Jaina (wtf Blizz?) to turn in my quest for the attunement.  And right as I click “Complete”, I get ported out.  Without completing the quest.

So here I sit annoyed that I didn’t get shiny new robes, or to turn in the quest I needed to (did get the frozen orb though).  Oh well, I guess I can always try again.  And I should know better than to try things on patch day, but I had such high hopes after the helm dropped on patch day from Ony25 and I won it.

So how was your patch day?

P.S. I still plan on doing the UI post Anea, I just got crit by the procrastination boss.


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