Well, its been a fun week.  Since Borean Tundra is in the Emberstorm battlegroup, my main server has been a bit wonky this week.  So I’ve been spending my time on Deyndor tanking some more Outlands instances.  Went back and did Blood Furnace and Ramps on Monday night to help a guildie with some quests and so she could get some new gear.

At one point in BF, when you get to the room before The Maker, which is full of mobs, we were talking about how we should pull everything at once and then try and AoE it down.  Well, the mage with us thought we were saying we should do that at that moment, so off she went to die a horrible death in the room.  Which of course chained the mobs (thanks to how close she got to our group upon trying to run out) onto the rogue, who also died.  So when the Priest was just about dead I actually found a use for Divine Intervention.  That was the only wipe we had (thankfully, 3 of us were decently over leveled for both instances)

Then last night myself, still at 67, my priestly friend (level 74) and a warlock from the guild (level 65, dinged 66 during our runs) 3 maned both Crypts and Sethekk Halls.  There were a few wipes in Sethekk thanks to us being chain feared into multiple groups of mobs, but it was a great time.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this pally tanking stuff too.  I’ve been having issues with going oom, but discovered that I can reduce that immensely if I seal myself with wisdom for trash (I know this isn’t optimal, but you do what you have to do).  It also helped when I got huge heals thanks to Spiritual Attunment (Yes, I only have one point in this. I’m thinking about a second though).  Then I would go back to Seal of Corruption for bosses.  Not a perfect system, but it suited my needs and seemed to work decently.  The only bad part was when I’d get MC’d and not notice that they had changed my seal and aura.  /facepalm

The whole experience of last nights 3 manning adventures left me with a question though.  When they nerfed the BC raids in patch 3.0.8 does anyone know if they nerfed the normal 5 mans too?  Even with a healer that was that over leveled it seems like we should have had more trouble in those dungeons.


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