Raid for the Cure!

So Big Bear Butt put together The Raid for the Cure to support one of his guildies that was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  As a person who lost someone close to him to breast cancer, I was able to get behind this 100%.  So I rolled a blood elf pally named Deyndor, and ran off to Mulgore to march with every one else.  And my God, were there a lot of people!

I don’t have any screen shots of the event because I’m a bit on the “lets not do anything that would actually make a blog post better” side of thinking today, but needless to say the turn out was huge.  In fact once the Horde and Alliance met up outside of the crossroads, I disconnected.  And I did again once we all got on the boat in ratchet.  And again in booty bay.  It would seem that my router just couldn’t handle that much awesome in one place.  Or three as it were.  Whatever.

So I would like to thank Bear for putting this event together.  It was a great time and I was happy to see some of the other bloggers that I’ve been reading for a long time show up.  I even felt a bit star struck.  Needless to say, it was a great time, and it seems like a lot of money was raised for a good cause.


2 responses to “Raid for the Cure!

  1. I didn’t catch sight of you (or if I did, I lost you ’cause I was busy taking screenshots) but I’m glad to know a(nother) fellow blogger was there! 🙂

  2. I don’t remember seeing you either, but I did see Jong and Hydra both there too! And obviously Bear.

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