Epic Raid

So tonight I participated in the epic level 1 Hogger raid being hosted by Frostheim.  My god was that fun.   I’d like to share a few of the screen shots of it with you.  Sorry to say I don’t have a kill shot of Hogger, but I got plenty of other good shots.  So grab the popcorn and have a look.


First we have all of us outside Kharanos for a Dwarven dance party!

After that we ran through Ironforge and into the tram.  I’m surprised it supported our weight…

Now, like I said I don’t have any kill shots of Hogger.  But I do have the recount meter after one of them.  Looks who is in first. (Quiet, this is probably the only time I’ll top a damage meter :P)

And since Hogger seemed to be such a push over, we figured lets take on something more difficult.

Mor’Ladim anyone?

Of course, he didn’t stand a chance against our Dwarf might!  So we went in search of bigger prey to end the night.  Luckily for us, the world dragon was up in Duskwood.  Time to let her meet our collective Boomsticks.

I died twice to her, but at the end of the night, she didn’t stand a chance.

We did have Frost and a couple other 80’s helping us against Ysondre, but I still feel like it was mostly us that killed her.

And of course the normal progression kill shot:

According to Frost, there were about 90 of us in total.  What a turn out!  It’s sad that stuff like this won’t be able to happen any more soon, with Blizzard removing the ability for level 1 characters to join raids.  This was all done so he could make a video using the footage.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

So thank you Frostheim for providing myself, and everyone else with a great night of fun!  I’m looking forward to seeing the video.


One response to “Epic Raid

  1. That’s amazing, so many hunters 😀

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