Week of fun

So my cohorts and myself got into another guild, one much more progressed than us.  The first night of raiding, it was patch day so there were disconnects a plenty.  That didn’t stop us from one shotting Onyxia and my getting this little gem (I love being the only warlock in the raid sometimes).  We then went on to clear out ToC 25, one shotting most of the bosses, wiping only a couple of times.  After that we cleared out FL with 4 towers.  By that time it was the end of raid time, which was nice since I had to be up in 5 hours for work.

It was the next day that I realized, my performance has been dropping lately and, while we got a lot accomplished the previous night, I wasn’t having fun any more.  So when I got home from work I talked to one of the officers and he was very cool about me stepping down from raiding (even though I’d only had one night with them, I thanked them for giving me a shot) and let me stay in guild at the social level.  So I’m no longer guildless, but I’m not raiding either.  Now I’m just hanging back, doing my own thing and having fun again.  That means that Deyndor will be getting leveled more again I’m sure, as that is when I really have the most fun in game.

Still no Brewfest mount (and no where near close enough to get the achievement for the holiday either I’d guess), but the Tankard O’ Terror did drop, so I’m selling that now since I’ve been short on gold lately due to laziness.  Its going for anywhere from 1500g to 2000g on Borean Tundra (does that seem in line to other servers?).

Anyway, off the level my DK some more.  He’s only a level behind Deyndor, and almost has enough gold to buy his regular flying (go buy my bags off the AH dammit!)


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