I know I’m a little behind the times on posting about this, but I figure I’ll throw up a couple of comments about the plan to institute Onyxia’s Lair as a level 80 instance.

Now, I wasn’t around until the last year or so of BC, and I was in a huge rush to hit 70 (even though I level slowly), so I never ran through here.  Although this weekend my warlock was lucky enough to 4 man it with some guildies for the achievement before its gone.  I was hoping the T2 helm would drop, but oh well.

I’m in favor of this.  Granted, its kind of re-hashing old content instead of making something new, but as someone who wasn’t here when it was the place to be, this will give me a chance to run it and possibly still be challenged.  Plus, it will drop same model items only with stats to match those from a level 80 raid.  I don’t see how this is bad.

Plus there is the mount.  Needless to say I want that badly, but chances are I’ll never see one drop let alone win one (the RNG hates me, I rarely roll above a 30).

The only part about this that makes me sad is that Deyndor won’t get a chance to solo it now, as he’s still sitting at 66 and probably won’t be to 80 before patch 3.2.2 when its implemented.  Oh well, at least I’ll be able to take him in there to get a good looking helm.  And I’ll still be able to collect the rest of the T2 set.


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