Paladin Schmaladin

So I’m sure by now everyone has heard the news that blogger Ferraro isn’t quite who she was claiming to be.  This morning she posted a rather long apology with an explanation as to how this all came about.

Basically, after ready through this and all the drama that has been coming about in the last week or so, I’ve come to the belief that I don’t really care.  Regardless of who Ferraro is or isn’t, or what picture is being used to display that blog to the world, it was still a great resource for Paladins.  I’ve been subscribing to the RSS for quite some time and have never been disappointed with the content there.  That isn’t the way that I’d choose to run a blog (as you can see I prefer the “lets never post and just waste a web address” approach).  In any case, I’ll continue to read the blog as long as they continue to post good information and I would encourage others to do the same.


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