So it’s been a few days since I started this and figured I should make some sort of update.  I’ve mostly not done a lot the last few days.  Played a little on my warlock and almost have him up to 76 now.  So close to getting Cold Weather Flying that I can taste it.  That should speed up the leveling a bit also.

As for the paladin, the person that I’ve been leveling with has been doing a lot in terms of school/work/leveling lock picking lately so I spent the time getting the first title I’ve had on any character.  I’m now Deyndor the Nobel.  Seems fitting for a Paladin.  Otherwise kind of a boring few days.  Should be leveling more this weekend and doing more dungeons.

So until then, enjoy looking at the beginings of another Outlands clown.

Deyndor the Nobel

Deyndor the Nobel


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