Hello world!

As a programmer, I’ve done my share of things with the whole Hello World! title, and hated it every time.

But I suppose it makes sense this time.  To give a little introduction, I’m a computer programmer and enjoy spending my free time playing WoW.  I mainly play on my Blood Elf Paladin (level 62 currently) and my Human Warlock (level 75 currently).  I’ve been playing WoW since early January 2008, and my lock was my main for almost my entire first year.  However, the two friends I played with both quit, so I started up the paladin to play with some other friends.  In any case, I still love playing my warlock (even though that rarely happens now), but there’s really no one to play with on that sever now (one friend came back, but she works so much that we’re never on at the same time) and I’m hesitant to transfer servers, if for no other reason than that he was my first toon and that my first server.  Oh well, perhaps someday I will.

I’ve tried having a personal blog before, but never knew what I should write about.  I’m one of those people who considers their life as boring, at least when telling others about it.  So I decided that I’d try out writing about a game I love instead, and just see where it goes from there.  I’m not big on theorycrafting, so if I ever make an attempt at it, try not to laugh too hard at my poor math skills.  Other than that I’ll just use this to share random events that happen to me in WoW.

Like on Sunday when I died trying to get the Tyr’s Hand holy water for my Paladin epic charger quest, and upon spirit release was teleported into the Death Knight starting area.  Sure, I was able to have a GM get me back out of there, but it was still an interesting experience.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll update more later.


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