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The WoW Ironman Challenge

I’m sure some of you have read the recent posts by Psynister and Vrykerion about the WoW Ironman challenge.  The basic idea is to see how far you can get by leveling in all white/grey gear, no talents/glyphs, and no groups.  For more detailed info, look at either of their posts.  The rules they’ve put forth for it (as ripped from Psyn’s blog) are as follows:

1. Use only white/grey items.
2. No spending talent points. No specialization at level 10. (Regular skill training is fine.)
2. No Primary or Secondary Professions other than First Aid.
3. No means of XP boosting (No Recruit-A-Friend, No Guild, and obviously no Heirlooms)
4. No consumable bonuses (food, potions, elixirs, etc) – Rogue Poisons allowed
5. No enchants.
6. No Groups. (Since clarification was requested: That means no dungeons, no Dungeon Finder, no battlegrounds, no anything that puts you in a group and no grouping up with people to quest or anything.)
7. No Death Knights.
8. No Glyphs

Since I’m constantly rolling alts and looking for fun new ways to play the game, I’ve decided I’ll participate too.  All I need now is an idea on what race/class I should go with.  So please leave a comment telling me what you think I should play!

BA Secret Santa 2010 (Guest Post)

Looks like I have a special guest post from the lovely Ophelie of Bossy Pally fame. And I have to say, her two favorite mounts listed, are the only two that I’ve ever really, REALLY wanted to get. So enjoy the post and follow her blog if you aren’t already. She has a lot of good stuff there.

Ophelie here, from Bossy Pally, spreading some holiday cheer to Swift Retribution! I noticed that Deyndor’s been talking a lot about leveling characters and farming older content for it’s spicy drops. In the spirit of older content giving us gifts, I made a top 10 of my favorite low level farming spots. Enjoy!

10- Troll Patrol Dailies in Zul’Drak
I know, I know, I’m probably the only person in the world who does these dailies. But c’mon! You get a chance at the Deputy Pa’trolla Badge! What wouldn’t you do for a trinket that gives you an awesomeness buff?

9- Tempest Keep
Ashes of Al’ar is, hands down, my favorite mount in the game. I’m not normally one to gawk at mounts, but Al’ar is just so…gorgeous… The only reason TK didn’t score higher on the list is that in order to farm him, you still need to convince a few friends to come with you, week after week, and, on the off-chance that the mount does drop, you need to convince them that you’re the one who deserves to keep it.

8- Karazhan
If you’re level 85 and have the proper key (or a friend who can open the gate for you), then Kara is a great place to farm for the fantastic horse Midnight. Since Attumen and Midnight are the first encounter in the instance, once you’re finished your business for the week, you might as well stick around and collect some gold off mobs too. If you’re able to make it past the opera scene, the philanthropists in the halls behind the stage go down easily and carry 100g each.

7- Temple of Ahn’Qiraj
Looking to fill out the mount tab of your spellbook? The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ 40) can help with that! It can be difficult to find a group to go in there (despite claims of the contrary, the first boss resets constantly when soloed), once you make it in, prepare to be served with colourful Qiraji Resonating Crystals. With the exception of the red crystal, the mounts drop quite frequently and it’s very possible to collect them all in one adventure. If you’re the type who enjoys collecting items for complicated rep quests (and I certainly am), you can also enjoy fighting with your teammates over Scarabs, Idols and Items off bosses.

6- Netherspite Reputation
Once a very tedious and competitive grind, Netherspite is now easy and relaxing to farm at 85. And if you’re a gatherer, the gold making opportunities are endless. This area is also fantastic for your fledgling level 70s. It’s not as crowded as it once was and provides tons of experience and gold.

5- Winterspring Saber/Horde Raptors

I’ve never managed to complete the horde raptor grind- logging into my horde character every day to kill some birds or whatnot was just too much to ask. The Winterspring Saber grind, however, was surprisingly pleasant. It’s a great way to relax after raids while chatting with guildies and, now that there are three repeatable quests instead of one, it’s a pretty fast grind.

4- Heroic Sethekk Halls
According to my completely biased and unscientific observations, the Raven Lord is the second most visually appealing mount in the game, after Al’ar. He drops from Anzu in Heroic Sethekk Halls and, now that you don’t need a druid to summon him anymore, he’s easily farmable by any level 85.

(c) Blackthundercro, Wowhead http://www.wowhead.com/user=Blackthundercro

3- Sholazar Basin
If you’re an herbalist, Shalazar is still a gold mine. And even if you’re not, getting to exalted with the Oracles faction opens up the door to a number of mini-pets and, if you’re lucky, the Reins of Green Proto Drake. I haven’t been lucky yet, but I’m still trying.

2- Heroic Magister’s Terrace
I remember when this place was horrible to run. Those who complain about Cataclysm heroics being hard have clearly forgotten about Heroic Magister’s Terrace. Fortunately, we’ve grown stronger while HMgT stays the same level. Pretty much any 85 character should be able to fight their way to our friend Kael’thas Sunstrider who can drop the adorable Phoenix Hatchling or the less adorable but still pretty cool Swift White Hawkstrider. Not to mention that the Kael’thas fight is really fun.

1- Stratholme
Stratholme has got to be my favorite instance ever. I still go and hang out there, just to hang out there. I’ve yet to see the new and revamped Stratholme, though, and I’m really looking forward to it. Baron Rivendare has moved on to greener (or rather, blacker) pastures and his relative Aurius has taken his spot. If you’re part of the pool of unlucky players who never got a glimpse Deathcharger, you can keep trying as Aurius Rivendare is the new owner of Deathcharger’s Reins.

And there you go! My top 10 favorite low level content to farm. Now go forth and get more enjoyment out of older content!

Happy Holidays!
Ophie xxxx

What do you do when your raid is canceled?

Well, since I suggested this BA Shared Topic, I should probably participate shouldn’t I?  If you’re looking for more responses, they can be found here.

So I was talking with Eda on twitter tonight and she mentioned that she’s had 4 raids in the last 2 weeks get canceled. And that got me wondering, what do people do when their raid is canceled?

I’m sure there will be the mundane like farming stuff or running heroics, but I’m sure there are a lot of people with some really interesting and fun things too. Maybe you invade an enemy capital by yourself. Maybe you go play an alt. Whatever it is, share it!

Now, I don’t raid anymore, but when I did, it was always a bummer to have the raid get canceled.  I mean, you set aside time to go do something, and then you’re left with nothing to do right?  Wrong!

Whenever my raids got canceled, if I didn’t go to that fictional place called the outside world, I mostly leveled alts.  However, I’m not the type to make an alt, and stick with it for a long time.  In the time I was raiding, I had no less than 8 alts.  On my main server that is…

Of course I had Deyndor that I would level.  Or Ollyn, my DK on the same server as Deyndor.  But then I also had my other pally Kanori.  And of course another DK on my main server.  And a rogue.  A hunter.  A priest, a couple druids.  Throw in a dash of shaman and you’ve got an idea of everything that I try and do.

And of course, even though its sporadic, it’s caused me to level up a decent number of toons.  For ones (currently, although only the shaman was added to this list after I stopped raiding) above 60, I have two DKs (79 and 69), two pallies (71 and 70), and a shaman (65).

So yeah, kind of boring, but I level alts, or run heroics.  Or at least, I did.  Now I don’t even really run heroics, just the leveling.  But it’s been a blast, so I’m fine with it.

Anyway, what do you, lovable readers, do when your raid is canceled?

Single Abstract Noun

In which Deyndor joins a guild of…bloggers?

I probably should have made this post last night, but I was tired and didn’t have the energy.  This is actually being written while I’m at work, so the quality of my writing is probably lacking more than usual.  *looks over shoulder for boss*

So yesterday I got home from work and did what I always do, I logged into Twitter (I seem to have become addicted to it).  And notice Miss Medicina talking about a “bloggie guild” as she put it.  I was slightly confused, so I asked her what she was talking about.  Apparently between when I left work and when I got home my google reader finally updated with Tamarind‘s newest post, talking about starting up a guild for bloggers.

However, since he’s in the EU, some of us across the pond can’t join him.  So Miss Medicina started up a US/Oceanic branch!  So come one, come all to beautiful Argent Dawn-US!  Create an alt Alliance side (if you’re US/Oceanic, Horde side for EU) and come join in the fun.

At one point our awesomeness (although Miss Medicina claims it’s because she took off her robe) actually caused the server to crash.  If that doesn’t show how much we rock and that you should join us, I don’t know what does.

This isn’t just for bloggers, this is for people that read blogs too.  If you want to be part of our ever growing community, then create the alt, and if you’re on Argent Dawn-US, just /join singleabstractnoun, and ask any one in the channel for a guild invite, they should all be able to do that.

I look forward to interacting with all of you lovely folks, so stop on by and stay for a while.

P.S. Oh yeah, I rolled a dwarf too.  I feel so short…  But my glorious beard is sexy, see:

Look at that sexy beard

The big reveal

Khi my dear,

I’ve been watching you these past 3 days, knowing that while you’re flattered by my words, you didn’t know who I was.

Today I tell you that it was I, Deyndor, who has been stalking admiring you from afar.

Make sure the box has plenty of holes my love, I plan on going with you!

Another Giant Blogger Thing

It’s that time of  year again it would seem!  Dristanel over at The Physician’s Log is setting up a fun little event for WoW bloggers to participate in.  It’s the WoW Blogger Secret Admirer Project!

The point of this is to get to know some bloggers that you may not have heard of, as well as getting people to know who you are.  And to build an even more tight-knit community, and who doesn’t want that?

Since I’m really not that great at summarizing either, here it is in her own words:

Each participating blogger would put up a post on their own blog regarding the event and linking to the other bloggers. The purpose of this is two-fold – exposure for the community, and something the secret admirer can respond to. Said admirer would do so under an anonymous handle, adding poetry or other comments, giving one subtle hint about their identity in each, for a total of three comments. The admired could then contact the event coordinator with a guess as to who their admirer is. At the end of the event, folks can make a new post with a final ‘open declaration of blog love’ for their assigned person, and of course links to the other posts if you so desire.

Sounds like fun, no?

If you want to participate, you need to sign up by end of day Thursday, February 11th (zomg that’s tomorrow!).  To sign up, simply leave a comment here, here or tell her on Twitter.

Its been a while

So I haven’t made a blog post in a while.  Part of that is real life (I’m in the process of buying a house, so that is actually taking up some of my time) and part of it is that I feel I have nothing valuable to write.

Then I realized that this is my blog and I can ramble on and on about pointless topics if I wish (and I will dear reader, fear not).

So I’ve kind of slowed down on leveling my DK.  I got him to 77 and bought cold weather flying, and then stopped playing him.  My second pally hit 65 and I stopped playing her, and the shaman got up to 26 or so and then I stopped playing her as well.

I’ve been logging in to the game, but feeling bored with it.  And then today I got an idea based on a post that was over a year old on the Stormrage official forums, I’d like to try doing level 60 and 70 raids at level.

I found the recruitment post for a guild on Stormrage that used to do this, but apparently stopped doing it.  I never did any level 60 raids at level, and one a few level 70’s before wrath hit.  In any case, I thought that would be a fun thing to do.  If anyone has any info on any guilds doing that, leave a comment, I’d like to give it a try.

It would also seem that my shaman was only the beginning.  I’m now wanting to roll a restro druid to try my hand at healing with one of those.  The problem is, I’ll start leveling one, get it to the mid twenties at most, then stop playing, leaving me with yet another alt that I don’t want to delete, yet don’t feel like playing.

Maybe I’m finally starting to get my fill of this game, but that isn’t what this really feels like.  I think its more that I’m bored not raiding on Ollyn, but I also know that if I level up something else, most likely won’t end out raiding or really doing much on that toon either.  Perhaps if I could find some purpose to level something, I wouldn’t feel so apathetic.

So I imagine that at some point today, I’ll roll a druid with the intention of going resto.  And then barely playing it by next weekend.  I seriously considered transferring Ollyn to Azgalor and applying to Amber’s guild as a way to get back into raiding (and to not be the only one online in the guild, it gets lonely), but I’d feel too much like I was abandoning the 3 people that I transferred to Stormrage with.

So that is what has been going on with me lately.  Not a whole lot in game, and not entirely sure where I should go from here.  I think if I could find a goal and actually see a purpose for leveling another alt, I would feel more engaged again.

So to bring my rambling to an end, what do you all think I should do?  Get back into current raid content? Try out the old content that I missed? Or just bounce from alt to alt over various servers doing something different each night (which I actually kind of hate since I feel like I don’t make any real progress on anything that way)?

My WoW Year in Review Meme

This is my first Blog Azeroth shared topic.  It sounded like a fun one to do, and like I’ve been saying in my last couple posts I need to post more, so now you get to suffer through my answers.  Aren’t you lucky?

What did you do in the World of Warcraft in 2009 that you’d never done before?

Serious raiding.  I started playing wow in January of 2008, and didn’t get Ollyn to 70 until a couple months before Wrath came out.  When I hit 70, I joined the guild that one of my friends was raiding in.  They were working on Sunwell, but would occasionally go back and do Gruul’s Lair to try and get the Dragonspine Trophy for my friend’s rogue.  They were nice enough as a T6 guild to take little old me (including when I was only 65 since that’s the minimum level) and carry me through the content so I could get some nice gear.  Sure, I pugged Mag’s Lair once and went on a Kara alt run, but that was it for raiding for me.

Once wrath came out and I switched back to working on my warlock, got him to 80 and started raiding Naxx, I got to see what it was like to actually raid and not be carried.  Some people may say how dumbed down some of the wrath content is, but to me, this is my only real experience with raiding, so I found it challenging (sometimes more so than other times) and fun.  Especially our Ulduar 10 progression team.

What was your favorite new place that you visited?

It would have to be Ulduar.  The lore behind it, coupled with the amazing architecture of the zone is just breath taking and beautiful to me.  I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but the thing that got me really hooked into WoW was the lore behind it.  Sure, I like the game play and the fact that I have friends that play too, but there is just so much interesting lore behind everything involved in this universe.  Ulduar, being the main place where the Titans were in the world really tied all that together for me.  Plus it just looks awesome.

What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?

A better understanding of my classes, and to actually feel that I know what I’m doing when I play them.  Especially the warlock.  I’ve been playing one for almost 2 years, and I’m pretty sure I’m actually knowledgeable about the class, but I feel that I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

I would also like to get off my ass and go finish Loremaster.  But I still have so much of it to do. QQ

What was your biggest achievement of the year?

I know this seems to contradict my answer to the previous question, but feeling like I actually know Warlocks.  When I was still raiding, I was kind of our defacto warlock class lead since I was first, the only one raiding, then kept getting asked questions about gear/specs.

What was your biggest failure?

Not getting Deyndor to 80 (or at least 70).  Although, having him sitting at 67 has given me a nice chance to practice being prot, so when he does get up there higher I can tank and not make a complete ass of myself (only a partial ass :P).

What did you get really, really, really excited about?

Finally getting a character to level cap more than two months before it would increase again.  And then knowing that once I did, I would get to see what this end game raiding all the kids are talking about is like.  And then getting another few really close to level cap as well!  And even though I’m really bad at PvP, I was excited to participate in the Arena Tournament.

What do you wish you’d done less of?

Alts.  Seriously, you have no idea how many alts I have.  In just this year, I have around 19 characters that I play with various levels of frequency.  On a related note I think I’ve switched from caster to melee, as 4 of my 5 highest leveled characters are either DK’s (at level 70) or Paladin’s (67 and 57 respectively).

What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast?

Wow, there are a lot.  My google reader has over 160 different WoW related things in it, so its hard for me to choose.  I guess the one that sticks out the most to me would have to be Righteous Orbs.  Tam and Chas never disappoint in their posts.  My other favorite new one would have to be Snottydin.  Although that may just be because she’s a girl irl.

Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2009.

Leveling with someone else, makes leveling 100 times more enjoyable and easier.  That and don’t be afraid to try new things in game.  I’ve always been a (mediocre) DPSer and didn’t until recently try tanking.  And found that I actually love it.  Next I plan on trying healing.  So if you have a good group that doesn’t mind helping you learn, don’t be afraid to try a different roll or ask questions.

Generic UI Post

Well. It sure has been a while since I’ve made a post. I should really work on that. Anyway, while on Twitter last night weekend I asked what I should make a post about since I had no ideas, and Anea saved the day by telling me I should post about my UI.  So, lets take a look at it.

Kind of boring isn’t it?  As you can see I use the default UI with a few addons.  I guess I’ll just start at the top and work my way down.


For those that don’t know about SexyMap, I suggest you go get it.  It looks awesome, and it takes away the clutter that can easily accumulate if you have multiple addons that leave a minimap button taking away viewable space from the map itself.

Raid Frames

For raid frames, I use Grid and GridManaBars.  I find that the default UI ones are just too to bulky and ugly, so this gives me more open screen space (in raids I hide the party portraits).  And grid is highly configurable, so you can set it up to show a variety of different statuses in that square.

Threat Meter

For a threat meter I use Omen.  It lets me know when I’m just being too awesome at DPS and need to soulshatter so I don’t get my face crushed in.

Damage Meter

My damage meter of choice is Recount.  While it has some practical use (i.e. making sure that you’re doing the best job you can as DPS), its turned, at least on my server, into more of an epeen scale.

Warlock Related Addons

There are a couple that I have on there that are warlock related (one of which can be used by others, and I would recommend it).  First, we have Necrosis.

What necrosis does it gives the warlock access to all his spells in one central, easy to use area.  Thanks to necrosis I was able to eliminate one of my action bars to free up space.

The central circle of mine shows the count of soul shards currently in my bag.  This can be configured to show something else, but I find having it up there beneath me is better than having to look at my bag bar to see how many are in my shard bag.

Going around the sphere from the bottom left, we have the Firestone button.  If you don’t have a firestone in your bag, it will make one, if you do it will apply it to your weapon.  Next we have the Spellstone button.  Same as the firestone one, but for a spellstone instead.

After that we have the Healthstone/Soulwell button.  This button, when clicked will generate a Healthstone for you, if you don’t have one.  If you do it will use said healthstone.  However, if you shift+click it, it will cast Ritual of Souls, so you can share with all your friends.

Above that is the Soulstone button.  Again, if you don’t have a Soulstone already it will create one, otherwise it will cast the one in your bag onto your target.

Next is the spell menu.  Here is a quick list of what you can find there:

Next up is the mount button.  Left click for Dreadsteed, right click for Felsteed.  It can also be setup to use mounts that you specify.

Following that is the Demon menu.  I’m not going to list out all of them, but that is where all of your summons for them will be.  It also holds Enslave Demon.

And finally we have the curse menu. Time for another list!

I’d like to add that, if you’re demonology and specced into Metamorphosis, you would also have a button for that around the sphere.

Okay, and following Necrosis, the other warlocky addon I wanted to mention is ForteXorcist.  This is a suite of functions useful for warlocks.  It has functions for all your stones, spell timers, shards, etc.  The only thing that I really use it for is for whats on the screen:

This is the soulstone tracker that it has.  What it currently is showing is that I have a soulstone on Faúx that will last for another 4 minutes, and that my CD is up and could create another one.  The reason that I would recommend this for classes other than warlocks, is that it also keeps track of a paladin’s Divine Intervention, a druid’s Rebirth, and a shaman’s Reincarnation.  This addon is extremely useful if for nothing other than this part of it. A raid leader with this would be able to see exactly how many of these raid saving abilities are up and ready for use.


Alright, there are a few others that I’d like to mention.  Floating around me giving me feedback on healing a damage, as well as cool downs, is Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text.  It gives me nice feedback on whats happening to me without me having to take my eyes off the area around me to go look at the combat log.

For my chat frame, I’m using Prat.  I like being able to copy and paste things out of the chat window, and this gives me that.  Otherwise I don’t really need a chat frame mod.

You can’t see it here, but I’m also using DBM for a boss mod.  And if you look at the immolate debuff on my target (first dot up there) it has a red “1” on it.  To get that I’m using OmniCC.  That will list the cool downs of all abilities, as well as putting a timer up on my dots and or buffs on targets.  Just something useful to have for keeping track of dots and cool downs.  I do have DoTimer to help keep track of dots also.

And I think that is all the really important stuff. I have various other small mods I use, but those are the big ones.  Hopefully this was informative, although I feel I started to ramble, which I have a habit of doing…like now.  And since I’ve started that, I’m just going to end this now. Enjoy my boring UI.